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Join the Electric Revolution. Discover the 2019 smart EQ fortwo: the all-electric city car engineered by Mercedes-Benz
smart EQ fortwo
Starting at S23,900* MSRP
electric drive
Starting at $25,390* MSRP
electric drive
Starting at $26,740* MSRP
smart EQ fortwo
Starting at $28,100* MSRP
*Prices effective for current model year only. Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. Excludes tax, title, registration, destination charge, options and other smart center fees. Pricing will vary in Puerto Rico.
The perfect type of power trip.
For navigating your city, or escaping it altogether, the 2019 smart EQ fortwo features a high-tech interior, customizable style and impressive electric performance.
Not too big. Not too small. Just right.
Efficiency is in our DNA. That's why no space is wasted, and the interior is surprisingly spacious. Plus, the tridion safety cell is reinforced with high-strength steel to protect what matters most.
And a price that pads your wallet.
Lease a 2019 smart EQ fortwo coupe for as little as $139/month for 36 months with $1,433 due at signing[1], or a 2019 smart EQ fortwo cabrio for as little as $199/month for 36 months with $1,693 due at signing.[2]
A vision of the future.
The smart EQ fortwo is our most advanced vehicle yet, but it's just the tip of the electric iceberg. CASE by Mercedes-Benz promises to push the boundaries of Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric mobility, as evidenced by the smart Vision EQ fortwo, a fully autonomous concept vehicle that shows just how far we're willing to go.
An evolution of electric style
The smart fortwo electric drive is now the smart EQ fortwo. It has the same impressive performance and craftsmanship, but with a fresh new name. You know, because we're fancy like that.
smart: built for the city. perfect for escaping it.
Thanks to its trendsetting design, clever solutions, innovative assistance systems, unparalleled turning circle and an amazing amount of free space, the smart fortwo has so much more of what you’re looking for. And that makes driving even more enjoyable.

The smart fortwo shows true greatness, with its wide-opening doors and an amazingly spacious interior. From surprising stowage space solutions to details such as the design of the air vents, every detail combines functionality with emotional appeal.